Isn't it enough that I have no
parents and have lived on the
street with little more than a
recycled nerps wrapper for a
home... and  isn't it enough that I
have to wait in line with my kibble
card every night for a small bit of
dreck food.... and Now you're
tellin' me that i'm growing horns?
Seriously?!?!?! What the frag!  
What? What is that you say? 'At
least i'll be a 'pretty troll'....
Goblinization? That's called a metavariant you racist mother fragger. uhmn
huh.... Stay off the street and clean myself up? Doc.... just where the frag do
you think i'm gonna go cuz unless you're going to be my angel  or pay me to
be your Brandy gurl, I don;t exactly have a lot of options here. Oh yea... could
this account for me incinerating half of the barrens the other night? Guess I
gliched that one! i'm not going back there.... I couldn;t really have cast that ball
of fire... Doc, Talking to you is like Kicking Dead Whales Down the Beach.
Domo Arigato Mother Fragger, you can mail me the fraggin bill, i'll forward the
Nuyen over  right away...
lili's a little pissed and not taking things very well.... won;t you be her friend?
Lilly is the current owner of a hot new nightclub- The Devil's Advocate.  When
she's not there, she's learning how to make her newly found magic work.... or
following around her secret crush!
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