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"Cannon Fodder.... we would have also excepted
'meat shield'"

The Flying Rat (Pidgon), 'Coo once for yes, coo twice
for no, for para espanole coo eight....'

She likes to blow things up... and rum...

If that fault is in the c-4, so be it!

"Open it a couple of inches and peek first..."
"Pee first?"

(On going to the Gun-Mart)
"It's Post-apocolyptic Seattle... what the fuck else do
people have to do with their time?"

"I'd like a number 4 with a tank and an extra burrito"

""My etiquette is greater than your etiquette" "Well
your etiquette can suck an egg"

"Roll your magical bean footage"

"T'm calling that a 5 in my crotch"

"I'm going to punch him in his eye hole"

"tick Go
"Gag me with a retractable cyber-spur!"