Under a Blood
Soaked Moon....
Game 6~ Chase is collected from the dumpster by his wolf-sister who brings him
to her father. He learns that all lupines of the Chicago area are embraced into clan
Gangrel if their genetics don't kick in by a certain age. This ensures that the
Kindred of the city maintain strong ties to the werewolves and vice-versa. (The
Seneshal is a shape shifter after all). Before Chase could even talk to the wolves,
he was chased away since he was embraced into the wrong clan- Clan Brujah. He
runs for his life, eventually catches a cab with a ghouled driver and is taken to
The Succubus Club.  Liam awakens in Dawn's arms and realizes that he is
extremely hungry- he goes for a walk and kills a homeless man in the street in
front of onlookers. The police arrive and he runs down an alley... ending up on the
back doorstep of  The Succubus Club. Gianni get's him cleaned up and he waits
for the rest of his group to arrive. Nicholas, awakens to find that his father was
taken during the day by what he assumed was another clan's ghouls. Erasmus
suggests that he searches out the Giovanni for help finding his father and building
clan ties.   He holds audience with the Clan's founder,
Agustus Giovanni.
Nicholas is put in charge of taking care of the newest member of the Giovanni
Aryia Giovanni. Nicholas has Liam smell out the house and during the
introduction of Aryia to Prince Kahlid at Elysium (The Field Museum), Liam
narrows down the culprit to Milwaukee's former 'Black Prince', the Brujah's
Edward Scott.  Scott denies involvement with the kidnapping or being
related to Bronwyn's claimed childe Chase.  Chase is also blamed for the death of
a homeless man earlier on in the evening... and breaking the Masquerade is never
a good thing! The group was also entrusted with the task of killing the Tzimisze's
Newborn,  Lucien, as revenge. We left our adventurers back at The Succubus
Club as Liam  watches her sire abuse her on the dance floor.

Game 5~ "Some thing's a foot at the circle K" ~Dickey (Oh...sorry.... Primogen
Richard!).  Bedlowe, Price & Lorrie,  a law firm of Ventrue ghouls, has a
difficult day (his dad in particular) when an ailing
Nicholas Craven is chosen to
be embraced by
Erasmus Scarabus- the financial backer for the firm. Meanwhile,
Dawn tires of riding around with Tyrus's biker gang and searches for some
trouble to get into on her own. As she is riding around she sees a billboard for a
circus and decides to visit the animals there. She notices a young man feeding the
animals their dinner and realizes that she would enjoy a different life than the one
she currently has.
Liam and her talk, she asks him if he would like to run like a
wolf and have a different life- a life with her.  She takes him for his last meal
where she tells '
Uncle Gianni' her plot to embrace Liam, who disagrees and calls
her sire to stop her. The pair leave to the forest spot she was herself embraced
and seduces Liam. As his last bit of lifeblood leaves him, she realizes that she is
too far removed from Cain to turn him and the friend she has longed for is almost
gone... Luckily the Wolf Pack Gang arrives in time for
Darwin to add his blood,
allowing Liam to be reborn.   After almost burning down the Field Museum, the
gathered are introduced to Prince Kalid. After the introductions Liam, Nicholas
and Chase go to one of the quieter clubs, The Serpent's Tongue. There they meet
Ash Stevens, and find that Chase's wolf-brother is really pissed off.- wanting to
'put him out of his misery'. Liam & Nicholas learn that their bodies were dying
and spent most of the evening in the restroom. We are left with Dawn coming to
collect Liam and take him back to her warehouse apartment, Nicholas's dad
picking him up to take him home, and chase spending the night in the dumpster
(thanks to the lupine)  with  the fear of an attacking yellow banana and the
werewolf brother who put him there.

Game 4~ Game in Per-production at the moment with more characters currently
being created. Story picks up after prince and Primogen seats have been
destroyed and re-arranged. New characters emerge and old ones resurface. The
coterie finds themselves in the midst of restructuring and realigning. Primogen
Bronwyn sires a childe (or does she???). He was found running through the
woods at night being chased by an unhappy werewolf. When this new childe of
Malkav awakens he can't remember a thing. A bubbly Bronwyn exclaims "I think
I'll name you Chase...
Chase Wolfe... After all, that's what was running After you
when I found you!"

Game 3~Meanwhile,
Ashanu, spends a long day teaching ungrateful students at
campus. When she arrives home, she is greeted with an opened door to her
apartment and
a man sitting in the darkness. She slips off into the kitchen to get a
large knife  before she confronts the stranger. His voice is deep and sultry. He
stands, dressed in a dark purple silk shirt and black suit, long black hair, brown
eyes and olive complexion. His voice wins her over to sit on the couch across
from where he was seated. She realized that this is the man who had visited her
and her mother as a child and that he used to tell her stories as she drifted off to
sleep at night. She asked to hear a specific story, but he had a new one, one for
adults. This story was of Cain and Able and things that went bump in the night.
There was another story too, one of Egypt and the Nile.... But by then she had
already fallen asleep. Was it a dream? Was this reality? There was much blood...
And hands carrying her in the torchlight... And chanting... And then darkness....

had embraced his last mortal descendant. The gathered attend the spiritual  
blood rituals of the newborn sabbat, they will be formally introduced to the rest
of Chicago's Kindred the following evening.

Game 2~ Due to the Toreador situation, the Paris Nosferatu face a tough decision-
stay and fight for their city, or leave.
Meduzza feels that the new world might be a
place to start again so her sire, Jean Luc Meeks, arranges boat passage to
Chicago, whose current prince is one of their own kind. Upon arrival, she is
greeted with a limo ride to Elysium and to meet her new prince,
Kalid. On her
way there she is accosted by
Dickey who, while repulsed by the Nos, is a
gentleman to the lady none the less. ("Duuuuuude!"). With offer of lodging and
companionship by Kalid's child,
Jurgis, she leaves to watch the kine gathered at
The Field Museum and then to enjoy great comfort at the lodgings offered.
Meduzza agrees to accompany Jurgis to a 'blood ritual' the next night.

Game 1~ The Primogen seats have been re-arranged, with the Nosferatu claiming
the seat of prince- a strange turn of events indeed. With many kindred deaths
through the last few years, Prince Kalid grants each clan to embrace one new
member to replenish what has been lost.  
 Amedo sire's a childe:  Rayven
Nightshade.  The Lasombra has been watching and guiding unseen for many years.
With the blessings of friend and
Vivode, he prepares her for the Vauldarie to
come. Another Childe,
Lucien Garret, is born into darkness, one who is born into
mistrust which is a staple within Clan Tzimisce. Will he follow in his families