Darkness envelopes,
A cold cloak of loneliness
Light is diminished
An inferior foe to the dark.

Darkness envelopes,
Welcoming me with open arms
Arms so cold.
Darkness is the savior.

Darkness embraces,
Gives a soft kiss to the soul.
My soul rejoices
For I have found my new lover,
My new soul mate


~Brian Banks "Randall Flagg'
The Spiral of Oblivion "Under a Blood Soaked Moon' Chronicle,  is a conglomeration of
characters and story lines of 5 different gaming groups that I have been involved with
starting during the late 80's until today. No IP/Copyright infringement is meant for
characters of who contact with original owner has been lost over the years. Anyone who
is local to the Chicago area is welcome to join as we are an open tabletop group always
looking to meet new food... er friends!  Stop in, send us an
e-mail or just say hi!
~Jasmine M. Little-Paw-Vaclov, The Daughter of Ruthven
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