About Me
About Me
Gamer Gurl
Gamer Gurl
I don't want to start any blasphemous
rumors, but I think that God's got a sick
sense of humor and when I die I expect to
find him laughing.
Goth Gurl
Goth Gurl
Hi! Just me. I'm weird.
I'm a geek. I'm a dork. I r
goth in disguise as a
retail manager.  I'm a
gamer! I have an
overactive tapeworm
named Habeeb. What
else can is say? ;)
Here is a picture of the love of my life.   He's
got me helping him at this
con of a game that I
do not play, LOL!  He is an
amazing artist and
has the cutest butt of anyone I
I  like a-team, Aisha, animals, art, ayria, begoths, boons farm
strawberry hill, buckwheat zydeco, cabal, cheese in my cleavage,
coffee, cruxshadows, cute fuzzy things, dancing, dragons, drow,
dungeons & dragons, Elfquest, Elmo, evanescence, Fannie may,  
fantasy, Farscape, fizzgig, fraggles, full moons, goddess, goth
music, goth thangz, guinea piggies,  gumbo, hack
Bartholomew,happy bunny,  helixdmonster.com, Isis, Linkin Park,
manic panic, marylin mansion, Muppets,  my b/f's ass dimples, my
scarlet life, nightmare before Christmas, nocturna, oakmoon,
paganism, papa enkidu, papa zombie, photography, pissin' in
wheaties, plants, practical magic, puppies, purple, reading, rogue,
rogue's spikey bits, rowtiger, rpg's, skulls, the craft, the littlest pet
shop, The Nightmare Before Christmas,  the uniboob, thundercats,
tipmeover boots, vampire: the masquerade, vanilla coke, Vin diesel,
vtm, Wagner's meat, web crafting, wine in a box, wolves.