Love thy neighbor:
Please respect our group's beliefs as much as we respect yours. Our group  will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law for any
harassment that we receive via mail or web site.

Because in The United States of America we believe in freedom of religion- mine, yours and everyone else's viewpoints are valid.  

Because no one should be subjected to threats, sexual overtones, and hate crimes.

What we do? Well, first and foremost we forward all Internet- related offences to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's
Internet Crime
Complaint Center . We will log and research your IP (Internet Provider) address, research it and complain to your provider that you are
breaking your TOS (Terms of service) . Finally you will be
registered on the Internet as a hate-monger.

Because our freedoms will not remain free unless we fight to keep it that way. And we should all feel safe and remain free from abuse!
Those once accused of witchcraft were often guilty of being different. Such
criminals are found in all cultures through all time. Sheer terror once put to death
a hundred thousand people. But it was the witch hunters themselves who were
bewitched ~ not by hexes or potions.